Colossal Vail Lodging


Vail is a small community about 24 miles southeast of Tucson that doesn’t have its own hotel. There are many hotel options in Tucson and several in Benson (26 miles southeast of Vail). If you prefer to stay near race headquarters but do not want to camp, we recommend checking VRBO and airbnb.

Rincon Creek Ranch

Rincon Creek Ranch


Camping is available at Colossal Cave Mountain Park for free. We recommend that event participants camp in the grassy area just east of the start/finish line. There are bathrooms, BBQ pits and lots of shady mesquite trees. There is no parking immediately next to the camping area, so campers are encouraged to drop off their supplies, park near the cowboy statue or near the stables, then walk to the camping area to set up.

Anyone with an RV should contact Brian Held directly to arrange a place to park it.


You can find a map of Colossal Cave Mountain Park here.

El Bosquecito Campground

Directions to the Start/Finish

From I-10 take exit 279 and turn north on Colossal Cave Road. It will become south Pistol Hill Road, after approximately 2 miles. Turn right when you get to Old Spanish Trail and drive into Colossal Cave Mountain Park, where you’ll receive directions to race day headquarters.

If you’re traveling through Tucson, take Broadway east to Camino Seco and turn right (south). Turn left at the first light, Old Spanish Trail. You’ll stay on Old Spanish Trail until you reach Colossal Cave Mountain Park (about 17 miles) where you’ll receive directions to race day headquarters.