Vail Scramble Results

2020 Individual Time Trial RESULTS

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the 2020 AZT Vail Scramble has been postponed. However, anyone running the event as an individual time trial will have their results posted here. Honor system folks, so be honest about your total lapsed time.


NAME                                     FINISH TIME

Erin Filbrandt                          02:08:00

Sergio Avila                               02:19:28

James Whitmer                       02:23:24

Marc Verhougstraete           02:25:19

Tyler Ramsay                           02:35:04

Karensa Gordon                     02:54:07

Honore MacCoy-Patty         02:58:03

Erin Ramsay                             03:11:42

Madelaine Fisher                   03:46:32

Kristin Schmidt                       04:14:00

Ben Yates                                    04:14:00


NAME                                     FINISH TIME

Alex Mlawsky                          00:53:08

Giulianna Frank                     01:13:00

Cynthia Catalfamo               01:23:47

Results from all previous years can be found here.